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Professional Sinner
31 March 2011 @ 12:51 am
The Spanish Movie Week was a mightily exhausting affair. The bookending weekend days were fine (weekend, duh), but the Monday-Friday middle was something of an endurance test. Eight hours of jolly accounting (by some lucky alignment of the stars it was the first week in many with practically no overtime at all, which, yay!), then a quick trot to the city center, four hours of movie watching and drag myself home for some sleep. Next day, repeat. By Friday, I was already somewhat distraught.

my collected thoughts about the Spanish Movie WeekCollapse )

In other news, I finally finished 'Ben Hur', the Never-Ending Movie. Well, the chariot race was quite splendid, I'll give it that. Also, it had a very sensible villain, whom I like a lot. The sets and costumes were top-notch. However all that was totally overshadowed by the Super Extra Happy Ending (they were cured of leprosy, for fuck's sake), the general tone of in-your-face earnestness and Charlton Heston's manly expression of Noble Suffering, which was extremely grating. On the side note, I found Charlton Heston completely unattractive which was weird because from some angles I thought he looked remarkably similar to Michael Fassbender and Michael Fassbender is HOT.

No other films watched, not even because of general laziness, but because I'm going through the Jigsaw Puzzle Full Immersion Phase at the moment. I bought myself four new sets, they finally arrived last Saturday, and I won't truly rest before I have every single one done. I'm already three in and getting ready for the fourth one, so I'm doing pretty great. The last one looks fiendishly tough, though.

Current Music: Sex Pistols 'Anarchy in the UK'