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Professional Sinner
19 March 2011 @ 10:30 pm
I'm back again, then. It looks like I'm fated to make a comeback every few months. And I know, the impact dissipates with every repetition. Well, tough.

At least my thesis is done with and I'm officially, FINALLY, not a student anymore. Quite frankly, the thesis defense was something of a no-event the second time around. A spattering of customary nerves a few minutes before going in, perhaps, but no emotions, really. Apart from some frustration.

I mean I already had a degree anyway, it's not like I needed another, and I was just going through with the whole thing for the sake, I don't know, propriety? As silly as it felt to still be bogged down in all this student stuff way after it was supposed to be over, it would have been a waste to just quit so close to the finish line. So, now I have two degrees, not even two different ones, two identical degrees, just on slightly different subjects. Go me. The second one cost me, in effect, only one extra year of college, so I suppose it's not all bad. I can brag now to be twice as educated as my peers, which is, naturally, a sham, but I have a diploma to prove it so at least it looks true ;)

Anyway, I'm a free woman at last, now that I cast off the shackles of irksome education. Which means that's I'm free to go on working 40 hours a week (plus overtime) for the next 30 years till my well-earned retirement. At least I don't have to think about general autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity anymore when I come home from work. That's something.

Damn, I sound bitter. I swear I'm not. I'm genuinely relieved.

What have I been doing with all me free time, then? Watching movies, reading books, staring into the bottomless pit that is the Internet for hours, talking inanely to my fish and occasionaly making an effort to be social. Business as usual, in other words. Well, apart from the fish, who is a new addition to my life. New, as in, I've had it since November. I never really wanted a pet because I knew I would worry too much about it all the time (and I do), if it's well enough fed and healthy and, you know, happy. I was kind of forced into having one, though, since I got it on my birthday and it's not like I was just going to flush the poor creature down the toilet just to avoid having extra stress in my life. So now he just floats there gamely in his little bowl on the shelf. François Truffaut I named him, because it somehow seemed fitting. He swims around sometimes in a very nervous looking manner and I hope it's just how he rolls and not because I've given him neuroses.

I'm in the process of watching 'Ben Hur' at the moment. Mostly because it's the next on the list of yet-unseen-by-me movies that are on the biggest number of iCheckMovies lists, because apparently that site now dictates my life. Damn, what a long movie it is. No movie needs to last over 200 minutes, seriously. I feel I've been watching it forever. I'm not joking here, I actually started in February, but as I can't seem to manage more than 20 minutes in one sitting and most evenings I just try to avoid even thinking about it, I still haven't finished. Sometimes I think it will never end. I've already done my 20 minutes today, but now that I've rested a bit, perhaps I could stomach 10 minutes more.

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Current Music: Cold War Kids "God, Make Up Your Mind"